All of This Sounds Boring

by Nam Le

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released April 25, 2015

Nam Le is:

Colin Zelin
Mike Emmerich
David Goodheart
Vibhor Sharma

Engineered by Nam Le
Mixed by David Goodheart in New York City
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, West Trenton, NJ

Photo by Brad Ziegler
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all rights reserved


Nam Le Allentown, Pennsylvania

Allentown Rock

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Track Name: Sum
I'm a nest of mistakes and I can't seem to change.
At least you can lay all of your blame,

On me.

I can't seem to change any of my ways.
Lay all of your blame on me.
Track Name: True Blue
All of this sounds boring
Like I’m only 18
Like I give a damn


Bending like a tree branch
With too much snow. I can feel this
Burning through my skin
Glancing over with blurry eyes


Maybe I don’t really care too much for this...
I just don’t want to know how I think.
Well, I guess it’s much too late for that.
Track Name: Gravel
All that's left and me
Returns just for a moment and then leaves before I even knew
Left with just this pain
that silences the words that never seem to make it through
Like a dream where I can't be woken up
Where I need nothing at all
When it's over will I still stay shook?
Will I be fine again?
A twisted knee, I never had one
Maybe in a few i'll know just how to relate
a certain sense there's someone to depend on
keeps everything I want and I need ahead of me
I remember walking home
I saw gravel on the pavement that wont get that far
No matter how I try
like a dream where I can't be woken up
where I need nothing at all
when it's over, will I still stay shook?
Will I be fine again?